22 October 2020

We Stand With The People #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutality

YMonitor stands with the youths demanding justice, accountability & transparency in the activities of the Government & amp, the Police Force. “The Power of the people, […]
22 October 2020

All You Need To Know About The Freedom Of Information Act

Do you know about the Freedom of Information Act? Do You know? The Freedom of Information Act empowers Citizens on the right to know. Helps to […]
22 October 2020

Free The Information (FOI Teaser)

You can’t cage what’s meant to be known. You can’t “put a stone on it.” You can’t lock it away!!! Information wants to be free #IWTBF […]
22 October 2020

Nigeria at 60 #IndependenceDay

Nations survive and advance with brains, wise policies, and manpower — not through speeches and cheap populist agitation. Let’s do more. Let’s demand for more. Let […]
22 October 2020

State of Unemployment

The State of Unemployment, literally. Out of the box is the Unemployment Report & recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics. We crunched the numbers […]
21 October 2020

Snippets from The Nigeria Symposium for Young & Emerging leaders

Swipe through snippets from The Future Projects | YMonitor’s @tfaafrica. The Nigeria Symposium for Young & Emerging Leaders, July. To rewatch, visit the link in our […]
21 October 2020

State Of Data

Nigeria’s Government Problematic relationship is best captured by its decade long politicisation of census numbers which in its entirety affects adequate Nation building. The last time […]
23 July 2020

Infographics: Who is Nigeria owing?

22 July 2020

Infographics: Youth unemployment rate from 1999-2019