31 January 2019

Lagos tracker: Alakija road project uncompleted and abandoned halfway

by Chinedu Okafor It is hard to decide what’s worse: government negligence on a pressing issue or abandoning an issue which we believed the government has […]
31 January 2019

Lagos tracker: Work on the Alaba suru road project has current seized

by Chinedu Okafor Those who find themselves trading or residing in the Alaba Suru section of Lagos Badagry expressway can count themselves among the victims of […]
29 January 2019

Vigilant Report: After ten years of neglect, Alimosho LGA begins repair of Igbeyinadun/Dustbin market link road

by Ibrahim Faleye Igbeyin adun/Dustbin market link road is a major road in Alimosho LGA. The road has for over ten years been in a terrible […]
28 January 2019

2019 elections in Numbers: See list of registered voters per state

by Editor The total number of registered voters in the next election is higher than in the last election. The last elections had registered voters of […]
24 January 2019

YMonitor Voter Education Series: Where to cast your vote

by Ajibola Emmanuel Where to Vote According to the INEC guidelines for the 2019 elections, Voting shall take place in: Polling Units and Polling Points In […]
23 January 2019

#2019Elections: Using your one vote to demand good governance.

by Editor With just few days to the next general elections, you can still demand that your leaders fulfil their previous promises if they are to […]
22 January 2019

YMonitor #2019Election Series: Key figures and breakdown of registered voters

by Ajadi Daniel Below is a breakdown of the registered voters for the 2019 elections according to INEC. Some of the key figures and facts are […]
21 January 2019

YMonitor 2019 Election Series: There’s more to the third option

by Damola Olabintan For every Nigerian, 2019 has been one of the most anticipated year, a year we can decide to stick to the incumbent party […]
17 January 2019

YMonitor Voter Education Series: Voter Eligibility and How to cast your vote

by Usman Alabi This series would be educating voters on what they need to know regarding the upcoming election, especially on issues related to voting as […]