Data Satire

21 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 093: Patriotic Problems

Sometimes I wonder if anyone can ever outperform our dear honourable ‘politricksians’ in the game of blame. With mastery in the science and art of hiding […]
19 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 092: National Cake Supplement

In a land of abundant resources and the time of boundless potential, the destiny of a great ‘thievesdom’ rest upon the shoulders of a black mixture, […]
19 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 091: Auto-Enemy

We heard Uncle Federal Govt (FG) is trying to free Local Govt (LG) from the clutches of his elder brother, State Govt (SG). Was there no […]
16 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 090: Prado Desperado

Sometimes I wonder how we got here. As though we have not had enough of our seasoned ‘polithievecians’ milking dry our commonwealth, their counterparts in the […]
9 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 089: The Men In White Strike Again

As the men in white strike again, we worry. But what concerns us more right now is the other man, the first man of the Federal […]
9 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 088: Missing Alert

Our Country people!!! We heard the village town-crier calling out “again” about another set of Missing Monies. The monies, made of paper, has a habit of […]
1 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 087: Software Heist

Unfolding, in the thrilling saga happening in Kogi, is the award-winning sequel to the now infamous Money Heist, with no known Professor. Tokyo is not the […]
30 March 2021

YMonitor Issue 086: Financial Sinkhole

The Badmouthers Association have gone gaga over the news that Nigeria’s Federal Government would part with a “tiny” sum of ₦1.5 Billion Dollars, approved for the […]
24 March 2021

YMonitor Issue 085: Democratic Puppet

Divided amongst different levels of power in a confused mad house. A characteristic recurring theme for this body of government is a lack of independence & […]