Data Satire

12 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 15: Winner

by Eyo Emmanuel   The results have come in and it’s safe to say the obvious result is out. The five man panel put in charge […]
12 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 014: Chop I Chop

by Eyo Emmanuel   In a new unexpected turn of events Seyi Makinde took to his twitter account breaking down how state allocations are actually split […]
6 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 013: Checkmate

by Eyo Emmanuel They say you should always pick your battles. There are battles you walk away from, some you engage in an exchange of words […]
3 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 12: xeNOphobia

by Eyo Emmanuel OYO seems to be our case when you’re inside the country or outside. Nigerians leave Nigeria in their thousands to other nations in […]
2 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 011: Dead Air

by Eyo Emmanuel In another twisted turn of events Nigeria has succeeded in doing what it does best, perform another magic trick. Sometimes it’s feels we […]
30 August 2019


by Eyo Emmanuel Have you been so deep in debt that you begin to wonder if you own debt or debt owns you? That’s going to […]