Data Satire

23 February 2021

YMonitor Issue 81: Universal Basic Enemies

“Education in Nigeria cannot be compared to any other country.” (source: Na my brother talk am). “The world should be emulating Nigeria’s Education Sector.” (source: Do […]
23 February 2021

YMonitor Issue 80: Wailers

Nigerians ask too much, and we are always insatiable. After a series of “gigantic” actions and interventions from the poor gap-toothed man, we still see his […]
23 February 2021

YMonitor Issue 79: Naija-O-Cracy

Naija-o-Cracy, any better way to describe the system? A system that continuously feeds the insatiable rich despite their cups running over. This is Naija-o-Cracy, where more […]
23 February 2021

YMonitor Issue 78: Forward

Nigeria is for us all when it comes to striving to moving it forward but when the goodies & the National cake comes, the spending & […]
2 February 2021

YMonitor Issue 76: Expensive Flyer

Ashluxe, 30 BG, royalty-printed flyers are being printed & shared currently in the poverty capital of the world. You cannot tell me there’s no money in […]
20 January 2021

YMonitor Issue 75: Failed Application

Dear Nigeria, We hope this letter truly “meets” you well?! The intention is to let you know our thoughts about all your recent employment interventions. We […]