22 October 2020


“A serious government would not take long to address the concerns of her citizens” More than a week into the #EndSARsmovement. The Youths are on the […]
7 April 2020

Ymonitor Issue 45: International Influencer

Foremost, Bespoke foreign influencer who has mostly toured the world on behalf of our country – the well known PMB & his fellow influencer colleagues from […]
25 February 2020

Ymonitor Issue 41: Assembly Of Longerthroats

  National Assembly Of Longerthroats – Everyone is familiar with the apparent knack of the youths of Nigeria to be lazy as described by our president, […]
19 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 016: Broken Record

by Eyo Emmanuel Remember when in a not too distant past when CD’s were the in thing and that’s how you listened to your music. . […]
12 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 15: Winner

by Eyo Emmanuel   The results have come in and it’s safe to say the obvious result is out. The five man panel put in charge […]
9 September 2019

With the age range of our new ministers, we know for sure that the the future is young

by Eyo Emmanuel In Nigeria it seems we’re always in a constant celebration of national opposite day. National opposite day simply put is that day where […]
6 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 013: Checkmate

by Eyo Emmanuel They say you should always pick your battles. There are battles you walk away from, some you engage in an exchange of words […]
25 July 2019

Buhari’s Administration Aims To Sweep Women Into The Other Room.

by Eyo Emmanuel President Buhari’s recent ministerial nominations shows how the narrative of political representation of women is more of a fantasy than a goal this […]
27 February 2019

Infographics: States won by both PDP and APC in figures

by Usman Alabi See full breakdown of the figures between Atiku and Buhari in the recently concluded Presidential election.