debt stock

8 April 2021

Lagos Tops As States Debt Stocks Exceeded Revenues- FRC

As the nation’s debt profile continues to be alarming, we take a further analysis of states’ debt stock. #OnOurRadar today, we present an analysis of the […]
31 March 2021

How Much Are Nigerian States Owing?

The nation’s rising debt profile is alarming, especially among state governments whose total Internally Generated Revenue is below their debt profiles, thus implying a sinking economy. […]
6 October 2016

Debt Infographics: Justifying the huge debt stock by states

  Conventional economics expects that a highly indebted economy is a growing economy or presumably a developed one, of course that could be fallacious yet not entirely. […]
5 October 2016

Ymonitor Infographics: State and Federal government debt stock as at 30th June, 2016

  The Infographics below show graphical illustrations of Federal and state governments debt stock in Nigeria.