28 April 2021

Examining the Immediate and Proximate Causes of Growing Insecurity In Nigeria

 Nigeria currently faces an array of security challenges, from Boko Haram attacks to banditry and kidnapping. These security threats have witnessed an incredible surge in recent […]
23 March 2021

Ymonitor Issue 084: BOOMING

Economics Analyst from the big (4) financial companies already point it out to be the most profitable industry in 2021 & it’s only the first quarter […]
22 March 2021

YMonitor Issue 083: Banditocurrency

The ban on cryptocurrency transactions in Nigeria by the CBN was presumably a problem for the “weak” only, the slow ones who were not financially wise […]
2 August 2019


Eyo Emmanuel When you think of Nigeria, a lot of things come to mind, unfortunately mostly negative. From the bad roads, poor electricity the list is […]
5 January 2017

Lagos tracker: Lagos House of Assembly prescribes death penalty for kidnappers

by Usman Alabi The Lagos House of Assembly has on Thursday passed a bill aimed at checking the spate of kidnapping in the state into law, […]