11 May 2021

The Future Project to embark on Local Government Performance Report to assess delivery of public goods

To further reiterate its vision towards inspiring a generation of equipped leaders committed to social and economic development in Africa, The Future Project sets to launch […]
16 April 2021

Federal Allocation to Lagos LGAs in January 2021

Hello Lagosians, Check out the Federal allocations for all the LGA’s in your state for January 2021. The Nigerian government financial system operates a structure where […]
9 February 2021

2006-2021: The ordeal of the Lagos Light Rail project

The Lagos light rail project is taking too long to even think about coming. The project that started in 2008 should address the transportation challenges experienced […]
11 June 2020

YMonitor Issue 62: 4 ratio 33

  Nigeria ordered the big-sized chilly-pepper Dominoes in 2019, equivalent to N1.33 trillion & the four (4) top big brothers in the geng contributed the most […]
24 February 2020

The Agege flyover project is still ongoing [Photos]

  Work is still ongoing on the Agege flyover project, the project is reaching its advanced stage. Hopefully, the project that is meant to be complemented […]
4 February 2020

These Potholes on both sides of Oke Afa road towards Jakande should get the Lagos state government worried

  We thought the potholes on Oke Afa road should compel action from government, by now the Lagos state government should have done something to address […]
3 February 2020

YMonitor Issue 37: Lagos Affairs – Gbésè

Either you are a Nigerian or a lagosian there is no doubt that you have heard about the decision of the Lagos State government to confirm […]
1 February 2020

Okada: An Open Letter to Governor Jide Sanwoolu.

  Dear Sir, Welcome to the realities of leading one of the most complex cities in the world by every standard. You have done well for […]
21 January 2020

Work still ongoing on the Costain road project [Photos]

  The pace of work on the Costain road project has been steady, with this, one may not be wrong to say that the project would […]